(This message has been approved by the Academic Registrar for transmission to all students enrolled in courses delivered in Semester 1 2014.)

Dear Student,
The University’s enrolment records indicate you are currently enrolled in a course that is delivered in Semester 1, 2014. The following information is intended to assist you to manage that enrolment.
We hope your studies this semester have been progressing well. University study can be challenging and personal circumstances can impact on your ability to study. If you are concerned about your academic performance and do not think you can successfully continue your enrolment in a course, you can withdraw from Semester 1 courses via mySI-net on or before Wednesday, 30 April 2014.
For more information about withdrawing from a program or course visit myAdvisor at http://www.uq.edu.au/myadvisor/index.html?page=2970
If you decide to withdraw from a course, a grade of 'W' will be shown on your studies report, but not on your official academic transcript. A 'W' does not contribute to your grade point average. However, please be aware that you will retain financial liability for the course/s you have dropped.
If you have special circumstances that might justify the removal of financial liability, you can apply for this separately http://www.uq.edu.au/myadvisor/removal-financial-liability
If your circumstances change after Wednesday, 30 April 2014 and you believe you have grounds to withdraw without academic penalty before your results are finalised for the semester, (such as the onset of serious illness), you can apply in writing to your faculty, requesting withdrawal. You must apply as soon as possible and provide documentation (such as a medical certificate) to support your application. 
You should contact staff in your faculty, school or Student Services for advice prior to making any enrolment changes. Before you make a final decision, stop and consider the implications, particularly if you are an international student who has student visa obligations.