Important Information – Semester 2, 2014 Examinations

[The following message has been authorised for distribution to all students by Maureen Bowen, Academic Registrar].
Dear Student
Semester 2 examinations will commence on Thursday 06 November 2014.  You are reminded to check your examination timetable and your student emails to confirm the date, time and venue of your examinations.
Students will not be granted permission to sit an examination earlier than the scheduled date of the examination.
For all examinations, students should arrive at the examination venue at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement time of the examination and 30 minutes if your examination is at the UQ Centre.
You are strongly encouraged to read the information provided on the myAdvisor site regarding attendance and conduct at your examinations.  This information covers: what to bring, food and drink, commencement of examinations, late arrival, sickness and conclusion of examinations.
Your attention is also drawn to the following information:
ôSemester 2 2014 Examinations – G20 Summit
The Group of Twenty (G20) Leaders Summit will be held on 15 and 16 November 2014 in Brisbane, the principal meeting venue will be the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Friday 14 November 2014 will be a public holiday for people who work in the Brisbane local government area.
Due to the impact of the G20 on access to public transport services and roads, there will be changes to the usual timetable for the Semester 2, 2014 examination period (06 – 22 November).
·         Examinations will run from Thursday 06 November to Saturday 22 November, reducing the SwotVac period by 2 days;
·         Examinations will not be scheduled on Friday 14, Saturday 15 November, or Sunday 16 November;
·         Examinations will recommence on Monday 17 November and continue through to Saturday 22 November.
Students with examinations scheduled leading up to and immediately after the G20 Summit must ensure that they have checked their travel arrangements to and from the University to ensure that they can meet their examination commitments and return home safely after their examinations.
·         The Translink website can be accessed at
·         G20 FAQ’s accessed at
·         Brisbane local government area
Deferred examinations will not be granted on the basis of students not attending their examinations due to lack of transport availability as a result of the G20, nor will they be approved for students that may wish to volunteer for the G20.
ôDeferred examination after attending original examination
GAR 1A.14.4
A student who attends and attempts whole or part of the original examination will not be eligible for a deferred examination.
Examination scripts for students who attend whole or part of the original examination will be marked / graded accordingly.
Refer to ‘Deferred examinations’ at
ôSaturday examination times
The session start times for examinations held on Saturdays – 9:30am, 1:30pm and 4:30pm - differ to those held Monday to Friday.  The later start time is to cater for students using public transport to campuses.
ôWhat to bring to your examination
Students are required to bring permitted materials for that examination and biros, pencils, erasers and rulers to complete the examination.  Please do not bring valuable or bulky items to your examination venue.  In many cases, it may be necessary for your belongings to be left outside of the examination venue and the security of these items cannot be guaranteed.  Smaller items such as wallets, keys and mobile phones (switched off, including alarms), may be placed under your chair in the examination venue.
ôStudent ID Cards
All students MUST bring their Student ID card to each examination and present this on entry to the venue.  If you do not have your student ID card with you on the day of your examination, you must attend to the Student Centre as early as possible and prior to the start of your examination to obtain verification documentation to avoid delays in the commencement of your examination.
ôCalculators for use in examinations
Where calculators are permitted for use in the examination, please ensure your calculator complies with the type nominated by your course coordinator.  Unless the type is unrestricted, the calculator must be either a Casio FX82 series calculator or have an 'approved label' which can be obtained from the Student Centre/s and must be approved in advance of the examination.  Please refer to myAdvisor site for further information.
ôWriting during examinations
Students should note that writing on examination materials is not permitted until instructed to do so by the examination supervisor.  On arrival at your examination venue, please await instructions before proceeding.  Completion of your student details on examination question papers, answer booklets, multiple choice sheets, etc. is done during the initial announcements or the allocated examination working time.  There can be no additional time granted to students at the conclusion of the examination to complete these details.  Please ensure you complete these details during the allocated time, as papers which cannot be identified cannot be marked.
ôExtended opening hours of Student Centres
The Student Centres will be open for extended hours during the examination period to accommodate examination enquiries immediately before examination start time and for a limited period after the start time for the final session on each day.  Opening hours for each campus, including Saturdays, will be displayed at each Student Centre.  Please note that cashier services will not be available on Saturdays.
ôOpening hours of University Health Service, St Lucia campus
University Health Services on the St Lucia campus will be open 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (last appointment 4:30pm).  The Health Service will not be open on Saturdays.
ôDeferred and Supplementary Examinations, Semester 2, 2014
The Deferred and Supplementary examination period has been scheduled from Wednesday 17 December to Friday 19 December 2014. This will be the final opportunity to sit examinations for semester 2 2014 as the further deferral of already deferred or supplementary examinations is not permitted.
Deferred examination eligibility criteria available at
Students have up to 5 calendar days from the date of the original examination to submit a request for deferred examination via mySI-net > myRequests.  Supporting documentation must be uploaded and attached to your application before submitting your application for consideration.  
The examination timetable for Deferred and Supplementary examinations will be available by 5:00pm on Friday 12 December 2014.
NOTE:  For students who will not be available to attend campus for the Semester 2, 2014 Deferred and Supplementary examination period, it may be possible to undertake your examinations at an external venue (conditions apply).  Internally enrolled students must make an application to sit off campus at the time they apply for a deferred examination or a supplementary assessment.  Off-campus arrangements will be subject to approval of the deferred or supplementary examination, and the availability of an off-campus venue.
As examination timetables are not finalised until a few days prior to the commencement of the examination period, students must ensure they can access the external examination venue at any time during the entire deferred and supplementary examination period.  Externally enrolled students must also advise their nominated examination centre when submitting an application for deferred or supplementary examination.
NOTE: Students who are undertaking deferred or supplementary assessment will not be eligible to graduate at the December graduation ceremonies.
For further information refer to or see UQ Answers for FAQs on Assessment and Examinations
ôAlternative Examinations Arrangements
Students who require alternative examination arrangements on the basis of disability, religious observance or timetable clashes are advised to complete a Request for Alternative Examination Arrangements form and submit it to a Student Centre or email to at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the examination period.
Students requesting alternative examination arrangements on the basis of disability who have not previously registered with Student Services must contact a disability/learning adviser as soon as possible so that the Examinations Section can facilitate the approved examination arrangements.
Student Services:
St Lucia    07 3365 1704
Ipswich    07 3381 1011
Gatton     07 5460 1046
Students who do not apply within the 14 days prior to the commencement of the examination period may be required to sit their examinations under standard conditions.
For further information:
Examinations can be stressful for many students and I would urge you to be considerate of your peers and to follow the directions of examination supervisors at all times.
I wish you well in your studies.
M Bowen
Academic Registrar


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