(This message has been approved by the Academic Registrar for transmission to all students enrolled in courses delivered in Semester 1, 2016.)

Dear Student
Now that academic studies for first semester have commenced, you are reminded that all students are required to become familiar with the Student Charter, which identifies what you can expect as a student and what the University expects of you.
The Student Charter covers important themes, including Respect and Engagement; Learning and Teaching, which comprises assessment and academic integrity; and access to University Resources and Facilities. The Charter has been developed to give effect to the University’s commitment to the following:
·         establishing and sustaining a community that supports independent scholarly learning, critical judgment, academic integrity and ethical standards in all students;
·         the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of learning and research;
·         involving students as active participants in their educational experience; and
·         enhancing the student experience.
You can view the Student Charter in the Policies and Procedures Library website at: http://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/3.60.01-student-charter .