Welcome to Semester One 2013 at The University of Queensland.

UQ prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of service for the benefit of our students and we have recently implemented a new University-wide timetabling system. As this is the first semester this new system has been in operation we ask for your patience if you are experiencing any difficulties accessing your timetable. If access difficulties are  ongoing please contact mySI-netHelp@uq.edu.au<mailto:mySI-netHelp@uq.edu.au. For queries relating to your visible timetable, please contact your relevant School or Faculty administration:
BEL: bel@uq.edu.au<mailto:bel@uq.edu.au>
EAIT: admin@eait.uq.edu.au<mailto:admin@eait.uq.edu.au>
SCIENCE: science.enquiries@uq.edu.au<mailto:science.enquiries@uq.edu.au>
SBS: sbs@uq.edu.au<mailto:sbs@uq.edu.au>
ARTS: arts@uq.edu.au<mailto:arts@uq.edu.au>
HEALTH: studentadmin@health.uq.edu.au<mailto:studentadmin@health.uq.edu.au>"