Important Examination Information for all students – Disregard Performance

*Important change for 2013
Your attention is drawn to changes to the University’s General Award Rules (GAR) relating to assessment which take effect from 1 January 2013, specifically:
GAR 1A.14.4
A student who attends and attempts whole or part of the original examination will not be eligible for a deferred examination.
The previous provision for students to disregard their performance at the original examination on the basis of falling ill during the examination is no longer available. Examination scripts for students who attend whole or part of the original examination will be marked / graded accordingly.
Very Exceptional Circumstances
Where a student falls seriously ill after an examination session has commenced (eg has an epileptic episode, becomes unconscious etc.), a deferred examination may be granted but only if very exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated. The situation will need to be a sudden, serious and arising from a debilitating condition that clearly prevents the student from continuing the examination and would necessitate the student’s immediate attendance at Health Services.

Consideration of exceptional circumstances would require substantiation in a medical certificate that must detail the following criteria in related to the medical condition. The;
1.       suddenness of onset of the condition
2.       predisposition to the condition
3.       seriousness of the symptoms, and
4.       impact on the student’s ability to remain and complete the examination.
A medical certificate that simply states that the student was unfit to sit the examination will not be sufficient to demonstrate exceptional circumstances.
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