Requests to update PPL documents

Changes including introductions, rescissions and amendments to PPL documents (that is policies, procedures, guidelines, forms) must be emailed to Academic Policy and Programs at  The following must be submitted:

  1. The final PPL document in Word version with amendments shown as tracked changes;
  2. A brief rationale for the amendments; and
  3. A brief summary of the consultation undertaken.

Academic Policy and Programs will undertake all required tasks and ensure that the requested changes are reviewed, approved by the PPL custodian for publication into PPL, and published in PPL.  Advice on completion of submitted requests will be provided.

Policy changes

As changes to Policy documents require Senate approval, this approval process is bound by strict deadlines (see  Academic Policy and Programs will refer changes to policy documents to the PPL manager for referral to Senate for approval. 

Academic Policy and Programs advises on the following aspects of academic policy development:
  • Due dates for reviews of policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Methodologies for best practice review processes
  • Principles and practices for implementation of new and significantly amended policies, procedures and guidelines 
  • Process and timeline for approval of policy amendments, introductions and rescissions
  • Provision of resources (templates)
  • Categorisation of the PPL
  • Tips on how to use the PPL system to remain informed of relevant PPL changes

Resources and links