Provision of professional advice on academic policy formulation and astute support for program development

 Academic Policy and Programs (APP) supports the following functions:

  • Provision of administrative support for the University’s governance structures including the Academic Board and other University committees
  • Maintenance of the Academic Board website
  • Maintenance of the University’s Program Information System, Organisational Database [UQORG], and committees database
  • Development of official University publications including Program Information handbooks and UQ Guides
  • Maintenance of UQ website display of University and program rules
  • Coordination of the Australian Graduate Survey and other university-wide student surveys
  • Coordination of the Teaching and Learning entries in the Policies and Procedures Library
  • Coordination of Academic Board reviews of units.

Staff members within Academic Policy and Programs conduct the ‘Minute Writing and Role of the Committee Secretary’ workshop offered through the staff development program. Staff members are available for consultation, via email, phone or in person, regarding agendas, minutes, committee processes, and the use of committee templates.

APP staff members present seminars and training on the Academic Program Approval process and maintenance of program information in the SI-net Program and Plans database. Staff members provide advice and consultation relating to the website display of programs on the Courses and Programs website­.  

Staff contacts

Carole Tate: Manager
Phone 3365 1690
For information regarding the Academic Program Approval Process and the Australian Qualifications Framework
Ian Vallely: Coordinator
Phone: 3363 2009
For information regarding the Academic Program Approval Process and the Committee for Academic Programs Policy (CAPP)
Diego Rodriguez Perez: Policy Team Leader
Phone: 3365 1989
For information regarding Academic PPL documents and the Academic Board
Mark Fisher: Programs and QILT Team Leader
Phone: 3365 3009
For information regarding program registration on CRICOS, program information and Programs Sub-Committee
Marcelle Kancachian: Administration Officer
Phone: 3365 1321
For information regarding the University Reviews, Academic Board Standing Committee and the Organisational Unit Database (UQORG)
Kelly Williamson: Administration Officer
Phone: 3365 1986
For information regarding the Courses and Programs website, and qualification and institution abbreviations
Viola Temple-Watts: Administration Officer
Phone: 3365 3362
For information regarding the Teaching and Learning Committee

For information regarding the 'study' website and sending feedback on the site content

Requests to update PPL documents

Changes including introductions, rescissions and amendments to PPL documents (that is policies, procedures, guidelines, forms) must be emailed to Academic Policy and Programs at  The following must be submitted:

  1. The final PPL document in Word version with amendments shown as tracked changes;
  2. A brief rationale for the amendments; and
  3. A brief summary of the consultation undertaken.

Academic Policy and Programs will undertake all required tasks and ensure that the requested changes are reviewed, approved by the PPL custodian for publication into PPL, and published in PPL.  Advice on completion of submitted requests will be provided.

Policy changes

As changes to Policy documents require Senate approval, this approval process is bound by strict deadlines (see  Academic Policy and Programs will refer changes to policy documents to the PPL manager for referral to Senate for approval. 

Academic Policy and Programs advises on the following aspects of academic policy development:
  • Due dates for reviews of policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Methodologies for best practice review processes
  • Principles and practices for implementation of new and significantly amended policies, procedures and guidelines 
  • Process and timeline for approval of policy amendments, introductions and rescissions
  • Provision of resources (templates)
  • Categorisation of the PPL
  • Tips on how to use the PPL system to remain informed of relevant PPL changes
Resources and links


Summary of key responsibilities:

  • Provide secretariat support to the Academic Board and its committees and working parties which advance the academic and teaching and learning initiatives of the University 
  • Manage the University’s academic program approval process
  • Facilitate and manage administration of compliance of programs offered at UQ with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Provide support for compliance, regulation and registration processes, for example, TEQSA, ASQA and CRICOS)
  • Co-ordinate reviews of University Schools, Centres and Institutes, Administrative Units, and Generalist Degrees
  • Provide maintenance and oversight of the University’s Organisational Database [UQORG] and committees databases
  • Co-ordinate and manage processes for  the development of official University publications, including the Programs Information Handbooks and UQ Guides
  • Provide administrative support for online UQ Programs and Courses information, including assistance with enquiries, feedback and updating relevant information in the SI-net database for display on the Courses and Programs website
  • Maintain currency of information for the display of the General University Rules and program rules
  • Support the conduct of Academic Board elections
  • Provide support for UQ student survey arrangements and external/national surveys and performance measurement instruments, such as the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) and Beyond Graduation Survey (BGS)
  • Maintain  qualification and institution abbreviation databases, in liaison with Human Resources Division.

This webpage provides access to PDF copies of the current year version of the Program Information Handbooks:

This is to supplement the limited publication of the Handbooks in hard copy form, as distributed to Executive Deans, Associate Deans (Academic), Faculty SAMs and School Managers.

This webpage provides links to UQ online content previously published in the hard copy UQ Yearbook. This central point of reference has been developed as an administrative tool for ease of access for those seeking specific information.

The University of Queensland

Information about the history of the University, the University Seal, student and staff numbers, facilities, programs, research, organisational structure, academic structure, revenue and expenditure, subsidiaries, information & contact points, and Strategic Plans.

University of Queensland Act

Statutes of the University of Queensland

University Rules

Information about Interpretation Rules, Admission Rules, Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules, Fee Rules, and General Award Rules.

Senate Rules

Information about the Senate Rules, including Financial Awards, Prizes, University Medal and Endowed Lectureship rules.

Academic Dress

Information about academic dress to be worn at special University ceremonies.

Honours and Awards

Benefactions received by the University

Officers, Staff and Committees of the University

Senior University Staff

Information about senior University staff in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and in the Faculties and Schools.

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