Summary of key responsibilities:

  • Provide secretariat support to the Academic Board and its committees and working parties which advance the academic and teaching and learning initiatives of the University 
  • Manage the University’s academic program approval process
  • Facilitate and manage administration of compliance of programs offered at UQ with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Provide support for compliance, regulation and registration processes, for example, TEQSA, ASQA and CRICOS)
  • Co-ordinate reviews of University Schools, Centres and Institutes, Administrative Units, and Generalist Degrees
  • Provide maintenance and oversight of the University’s Organisational Database [UQORG] and committees databases
  • Co-ordinate and manage processes for  the development of official University publications, including the Programs Information Handbooks and UQ Guides
  • Provide administrative support for online UQ Programs and Courses information, including assistance with enquiries, feedback and updating relevant information in the SI-net database for display on the Courses and Programs website
  • Maintain currency of information for the display of the General University Rules and program rules
  • Support the conduct of Academic Board elections
  • Provide support for UQ student survey arrangements and external/national surveys and performance measurement instruments, such as the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) and Beyond Graduation Survey (BGS)
  • Maintain  qualification and institution abbreviation databases, in liaison with Human Resources Division.
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