The Examinations Section will make alternative examination arrangements for students sitting central and school-based written examinations.  Students will be referred to the relevant School and course coordinator to make alternative examination arrangements for practical, oral and online examinations.

 Alternative arrangements will be made for students who have:

·        a permanent or temporary disability with exam adjustments approved through Disability Services (adjustments may include but are not restricted to: additional working time; rest breaks; use of a computer or a writer; ergonomic furniture; personal equipment; food and drink; a separate room; or specially prepared examination papers);

·        a specific religious observance e.g. religious beliefs prevent the student  sitting an examination at the scheduled time;

·        a timetable clash e.g. two examinations scheduled in the same session on the same day or a longer duration examination prevents a student from starting an examination in a consecutive session on time;

·        a campus clash e.g. two examinations scheduled in the same or consecutive sessions on two different campuses;

·        three examinations scheduled on the same (single) calendar day; and

·        other circumstances e.g. examinations scheduled as a result of an upheld Senate Appeal.

Application Timelines

Eligible students must submit an application form to the Examinations Section as follows:


·         Mid-semester:  at least 14 days before the examination date.

·         End of Semester:  as soon as exam adjustments are in place, but no later than 14 days before the examination period.  In the case of clashes and religious observance, applications should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days before the examination period;

·         Deferred/Supplementary:  at the same time as submitting a Deferred or Supplementary examination application.

In the case of temporary disabilities or injuries, 14 days prior notice is not always possible and is consequently waived.


·         Student meets with a Disability Advisor to determine exam adjustments;

·         Student submits a Request for Alternative Examinations Arrangements form to the Examinations Section (can be emailed or via Student Centre);

·         Examinations Section requests a hard copy of the examination paper to be hand-delivered at least 2 days prior to the examination date (mid-semester and end of semester school examinations only);

·         Examinations Section prepares the examination materials, books a room, arranges an invigilator to supervise the examination, and emails the arrangements to the student's UQ email address;

·         Completed examination scripts are delivered to the School for marking (within 48 hours of the examination date).


The University recognises and respects the right to confidentiality of information related to a person's disability (refer PPL 1.60.02 ‘Privacy Management Policy’ and PPL 1.70.08 ‘University Disability Policy’).   Therefore schools will not be provided with specific details of students who are completing their examinations under alternative arrangements unless there is a demonstrated need for this information to be provided to enable arrangements to be implemented for a student.