Includes Student ID cards, announcements/instructions to students, Deferred Exam Request Procedures, collection/delivery of completed exam scripts.

Conduct and Processes section

Student ID Cards

Central Examinations Students must present a current UQ student ID card when attending examinations.   On entry into the exam room, the student ID card must be sighted by an exam supervisor. ...

Announcements/instructions to students

The Chief Supervisor in each room will make important announcements at the commencement and conclusion of the exam. Chief Supervisors read the announcements from a printed script, as it is important that all students in all venues are provided with ...

Quality Control Measures

When Supervisors arrive at the exam venue and prior to the commencement of the exam, they count the number of exam papers that have been provided. At the conclusion of the exam, the question papers, answer booklets or answer sheets and oth...

Permitted Materials

PPL 3.10.11 Assessment 5.1.1 – ‘Use of materials and equipment in examinations’ covers materials which are permitted in examinations:

Recording attendance

Prior to the examination, an attendance roll is produced. Each student fills in an attendance form, which is collected during the examination. The Chief Supervisor records the student’s attendance based on each form collected.

Process for Collection/Delivery of Completed Examination Papers

Deferred Exam Request procedures

The Guides provided outline to staff how to retrieve and process deferred examination requests in SI-net, and include information on: the students view of applying for deferred examinations through mySI-net, in...