Details for both central and school-based end of semester examinations must be entered into the Assessment section of the electronic course profile (ECP) by the Course Coordinator/ECP authors.  It is vital that this information is entered correctly to ensure that students are accurately informed.


Data required includes course code, campus and mode (internal / external), working time (H:MM), examiner/coordinator.


A report is available in the UQ Reportal to see the examination scheduling data for each course in the current semester (Click on: Student > Admin > Examinations > Schedule of Central and School Examinations and follow the prompts).  The report has two tabs – one for Central Examinations and one for School Examinations.


School administrators should ensure that data has been entered correctly for all examinations which require scheduling.   


Refer below for processes and indicative timelines for ECPS data entry. Actual lockdown dates for the assessment fields for each semester are set out in the Examinations Business Process Calendar.


Instructions for data entry into the ECPS:


·               If an examination is to be scheduled, select an assessment type of ’Exam – End of semester (Central)’ or ‘Exam – End of semester (School)’


·               Reading time must be “10 mins”, in accordance with PPL 3.10.11: (b).   


·               Duration of written examinations must be set for one or more periods of 30 minutes, in accordance with PPL 3.10.11: 5.1.4 End of semester examination duration.   


·               If multiple end-of-semester examinations are to be scheduled for the same course (e.g. Paper A, Paper B, or Module A, Module B), then these must be entered as separate items of assessment in the ECPS.  The name of the assessment item should indicate the specific paper.  Any relevant constraints should be entered in the constraints field for each, e.g. Paper A must be scheduled at the same time as Paper B, or Module A to be scheduled several days prior to Module B).


·               For year long courses (where applicable), ensure the relevant period is selected for each semester’s assessment items, i.e. November exam period for semester 2 end of semester examinations. 


·               The constraints field will only appear where the assessment type of ’Exam – End of semester (Central)’ or ’Exam – End of semester (School) has been selected.


·               The constraints field will still remain open for amendment for a further 2 weeks after lockdown of the other assessment fields.


·               Constraints cannot be viewed in the published course profile. 


·               The ECPS online help provide details on what is appropriate to enter into the scheduling constraints field.  


Please contact your School ECPS Unit Administrator regarding access to update the Assessment data fields in the ECPS.  Please contact Examinations Section if further advice is needed. 

Examination Information in the Electronic Course Profiling System section

Processes and indicative timelines for ECPS data entry

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