End of Semester Examinations

End of Semester examinations, whether Central or School based, are scheduled by making an Exam Request online.  Click here for Exam Request Instructions.

The web interface for making these requests will open prior to the start of the semester and an email will be sent to schools advising the URL of the website.  Access will be available to academic staff and school administrative staff who have responsibility for examination processes.  If you do not have access, please contact your School Manager.  If access is approved, your School Manager will contact the Examinations Section to create access privileges.

Important Dates

  • Prior to semester start: website opens for entering end of semester exam requests
  • End of Teaching Week 4: deadline for submission of end of semester exam requests
  • Teaching Week 6/7: website opens for editing deferred/supplementary exam requests
  • End of Teaching Week 9/10:  deadline for submission of deferred/supplementary exam requests

Exact dates for each semester will be available on the Examinations Business Process Calendar:

Deferred and Supplementary Examinations

After the End of Semester database has closed, the examination information is copied to the Deferred and Supplementary database in readiness for student applications.

Saturday Mid-Semester Examinations

Schools requiring assistance from the Examinations Section in setting mid-semester examinations outside of scheduled class times are required to submit the exam details via the online exam request website.

Approval from the President of the Academic Board must be current for examinations requested or obtained prior to the closing date of the online exam request website.