The primary role of the examination invigilator is to ensure students have the opportunity to sit examinations under optimal conditions according to University assessment and examination rules. 

Each examination room will have 1 Chief Supervisor and a ratio of 1 Assistant Supervisor per 40 students. The different roles are outlined below.
Assistant Supervisor
Work at the direction of the Chief Supervisor to ensure the efficient and effective conduct of examinations including:
  • marshalling students and directing them to seats;
  • attending to student enquiries;
  •  verifying student identification;
  • collecting attendance forms and examination papers;
  • monitoring student conduct during examinations; and
  • accounting for examination scripts and other materials etc. 
Chief Supervisor
After sufficient experience as an Assistant Supervisor, exam invigilators may be trained as Chief Supervisors. The Chief supervisor does all of the duties of an Assistant Supervisor as well as being responsible for the overall conduct of the examination.
Pay Rate
Invigilators are paid a minimum of three hours for work on a calendar day. 
HEW Level
2017 Casual Hourly Rate
Assistant Supervisors
Chief Supervisor Administrative Assistant
Deputy Chief Supervisor Alternative Arrangements Supervisor (not Reader/Scribe)
Reader/ Scribe
Senior Chief Supervisor
The Examinations Section will arrange for exam supervisors for mid-semester examinations held on Saturdays, and these costs will be charged back to the School. 
It is the school’s responsibility to arrange supervision for all other school-based examinations.