Many institutions, both in Australia and internationally, have enrolled students who are currently residing in Brisbane or the greater region, and wish to sit their examination here rather than travel to their home institution. The Examinations Section offers an examination supervision service for these students and currently has agreements with a number of domestic and international universities.  The university is also able to make occasional or one-off arrangements for students from other institutions.

The supervision service is offered during business hours from Monday to Friday only.  Exam sessions are generally held at 9.00 am and 1.30 pm; however, there is some room for flexibility and times may be able to be negotiated with the other institution on occasion. 
There is currently no dedicated venue for these examinations, so ad hoc room bookings are made to accommodate the specific requirements. Due to this constraint, the service is only available for paper-based examinations. Online examinations cannot be accommodated. 
Examinations are supervised by a pool of experienced invigilators who work regularly for Examinations Section.  The cost is a flat rate of $170 per student per exam, which in some cases will be covered by the institution, and in other cases will be paid by the student.
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