If reasonable attempts have been made, and recorded, the hearing can proceed in the student’s absence. The decision maker will base their decision on the evidence available to them.

The hearing must be scheduled within 20 business days from the date of the allegation notice being sent out.

The time-limit to hear and decide a case can be extended if the student and the Academic Registrar agree. Requests to extend the time-limit should be sent to academic.registrar@uq.edu.au stating the extension date and reason for the request.

The decision-maker, student and a secretary/note taker should be the only people present throughout a hearing. The student is entitled to be accompanied by another person who is not legally qualified. Other witnesses may be called by either party and they should be brought into the hearing to answer questions in the student’s presence and then asked to leave.

A formal warning issued as a penalty where the student has been found guilty of misconduct is recorded on the central student conduct database.The student will have a guilty finding and be identified as a recidivist in the event of further transgressions.

Penalties cannot be imposed until the appeal period is over (20 business days from the date of the decision letter). If the student does not intend to appeal they can comply with the resubmission prior to the set date in order to have their grades finalised. However, the resubmission is not enforceable until after the appeal date.