The Academic Integrity Officer oversees the preliminary investigation. Administrative staff can perform a number of checks as part of the preliminary investigation, depending on the individual case these can include:

·        Contacting Student Complaints and Grievance Resolution at to check if the student has a misconduct record (essential for all cases) and if they have completed the compulsory Academic Integrity Online Tutorial.
·        Printing a copy of the course profile in relation to specific information that has been delivered to students.
·        Printing a copy of the student’s study report.
·        Printing copies of any related correspondence with the student.
·        Obtaining reports from ITS on student activity.
Once all relevant information has been collected and collated by administrative staff, the Academic Integrity Officer can decide if a prima facie case exists and what further action should be taken.

While there is no prescribed timeframe for completing a preliminary investigation in the policy (PPL3.60.04), in fairness to the student the investigation should be completed in a timely manner. At the completion of the investigation the decision to counsel the student or refer to a decision maker is made. If the decision is to refer the case it must be done within 5 business days.

A grade of INC can be recorded on the student’s record. This indicates that there is no grade established for the course. Once the investigation is complete, the work will either be marked and a grade uploaded or an RW recorded if an allegation notice is issued.

A copy of details of the counselling should be copied to . The formal warning will be recorded on the central student conduct database. This will be reported in any future investigations and prevents students receiving multiple “warnings”.