[Reference:  PPL 3.10.11 Examinations Section]
Mid-Semester examinations are the responsibility of the respective Schools, they do not formally come under the management of Examinations Section as do the end-of-semester examinations.
Mid-Semester examinations are held either during scheduled class time or on (3) mid-semester Saturdays in Semesters 1 and 2. Examinations held on Saturdays are usually for large student cohorts where the examinations cannot be run with adequate assessment integrity during class times. For possible additional venue space in UQ Union Rooms (Heath, Holt and Innes) to conduct the examination during scheduled classes, refer to Mid-semester examinations - venue space.
In order to avoid examination timetable clashes for students, school-based examinations held on Saturdays are timetabled by the Examinations Section.
Approval Process
Mid-semester school-based examinations to be held outside of scheduled class times (ie on Saturdays) require the prior approval of the President of the Academic Board. 
The ‘Application to hold Mid-semester examination outside scheduled classes’ form can be accessed here. The approval for each course is for a period of 3 years.  
For approved requests, Mid-semester examinations are scheduled by making an Exam Request online.  Click here for Exam Request Instructions.
The Examinations Section will;
•Schedule Saturday mid-semester examinations to provide a minimal clash-free timetable for students, where possible;
•Forward students their personalised examination timetables;
•Allocate supervisors to invigilate the examinations;
•Provide Schools with the names and contact details of the rostered supervisors;
•Facilitate and arrange supervision for alternative examination arrangements (AEA) and provide a support person in the Examinations Section to distribute and receive completed AEA examination papers.
The Schools are responsible for the;
•Provision of all examination booklets, attendance slips and other relevant examination materials;
•Printing of all examination papers;
•Delivery of papers and examination materials to the respective venues;
•Collection of completed papers at the end of the examination or arrangements for their delivery back to the School;
•Resolution of all issues relating to the content of the paper and other examination related matters on the day;
•Reimbursement to the Examinations Section for supervision costs at the completion of the mid-semester period. 
Please note the following conditions with regard to mid-semester examinations;
•date preferences for particular examinations may be requested but cannot be guaranteed as the timetable is dependent upon student enrolment data;
•examination durations must be either 60 or 90 minutes plus 10 minutes reading time;
•the majority of venues available for mid-semester examinations offer only tablet-seating;
•students approved to sit a deferred examination must have their examinations facilitated by the School who are also responsible for advising the student of the date and time of the deferred examination.
The following resources are available for School use:
  • A resource sheet detailing the examination preparation, entry to venue, rules and announcements can be accessed here.
  • Exam material checklist.