The Examinations Section has booked the Heath, Holt & Innes venues [in UQ Union Complex] for the mid-semester examination period ie Saturday 1 September to Saturday 15 September 2018 inclusive. Saturday examinations will be scheduled on 1 September, 8 September and 15 September 2018.

Subject to bookings received, these venues may be available Monday - Friday during the two-week period Monday 3 September to Friday 14 September 2018 for Schools to run their own mid-semester in-class exams. [NB: There is only limited availability on the Mondays].

The use of these venues may particularly be beneficial to those classes where there is:

  • a single lecture streams (ie not multiple lecture offerings, cross-campus, or concurrent undergraduate/postgraduate examinations)
  • a 2-hour lecture class, to accommodate exam durations of 60 to 90 minutes
  • insufficient seating capacity in the allocated teaching venue (particularly larger cohorts in lecture theatres).

 Should a School wish to use the venues, the Academic/School will be responsible for:

  • arranging invigilation for the exam/test;
  • allocating the student cohort to the respective venues (where multiple venues apply) and communicating this to the students;
  • providing examination papers and the required examination materials, including class lists relevant to each venue (refer to Forms Online > Templates for mid-semester exams)
  • ensuring that the venue(s) are left as they are found ie desks and chairs are left neat and tidy, rubbish is collected, desk numbers are not removed * If the venue requires resetting and/or cleaning after use, the costs will be recovered from the School.

The involvement of the Examination Section is limited to managing these venue bookings for date/time only.

The Heath, Holt and Innes rooms are located in the UQ Union Complex (21C). Please note - the rooms do not include projector, visualiser, OHP facilities and would not be suitable for video or audio exams. 

The examination seating capacity in each venue is:


Exam seating capacity


160 seats


170 seats


132 seats


A two-hour block period will be provided (to accommodate both 60 minute and 90 minute exams, and includes both set-up and set-down time.

To book a venue space, please send an email to with the following information.  Bookings should be made prior to Monday, 23 July 2018. 

- Course

 - Exam/test reading & duration

 - No. of students expected

 - Venue/s required

 - Date required

 - Class Start time

 - Class Finish time


The ECP should include details of these exam arrangements.


Other Options

Please refer to Section 5 of PPL 3.10.11 Examinations - Procedures:

  • one-off evening classes for exams from 6pm - bookings through TSM - timetabling - displayed on student's class timetable as an Exam
  • ad hoc room bookings (through TSM)
  • changes to criteria for Saturday exams


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