PPL 3.10.11 Assessment 5.1.1 – ‘Use of materials and equipment in examinations’ covers materials which are permitted in examinations:

The front cover of the examination paper provides details of any additional material or equipment that is authorised for use by students during the examination (see permitted materials below). Material or equipment brought into the examination room that is not on the list of permitted materials may be treated as “unauthorised material” under PPL 3.60.04a Student Integrity and Misconduct - Policy.

Note that -
  • The University has wireless technology installed on all campuses and this may be accessible from examination venues. However, unless expressly approved in the examination instructions, access to the internet or other external communication devices is not permitted in examinations.
  • Calculators and other electronic devices of an approved type may be used in examinations wherever permitted by the relevant course coordinator. The course profile and the list of permitted materials on the examination coversheet lists approved electronic devices.
  • Except in "Open book" examinations, calculators with alphanumeric/advanced text storage capability are not permitted.
  • Unless specifically permitted, no other form of electronic device, or device capable of allowing communication within or beyond the examination room, is permitted in an examination. 
  • Examination supervisors do not determine the appropriateness of electronic devices.
  • Examination supervisors are authorised to use devices to detect the use of unauthorised electronic devices.
The following paragraphs describe types of examinations with respect to materials that may or may not be permitted in an examination room.
  • Open book: Any additional written or printed material is permitted.
  • Closed book with specified materials permitted: The specific items of written or printed material permitted in the examination room and details regarding the extent to which it may or may not be annotated will be described on the question paper.  Any item not listed on the question paper will be regarded as not permitted.
  • Closed book: No additional material is permitted.
Clear instructions should be provided by examiners regarding permitted materials. For example: typed notes, annotations, highlighting and tabs. However, please avoid the use of subjective terms such as ‘substantive’.