When Supervisors arrive at the exam venue and prior to the commencement of the exam, they count the number of exam papers that have been provided.

At the conclusion of the exam, the question papers, answer booklets or answer sheets and other materials are collected from each student.
After collection of the exam materials from the students, the exam supervisors tally each set of exam materials, i.e. answer booklets, MCQs, question papers and confirm the tally is correct against the attendance roll. When the tally is confirmed, the students are released from the room.
The exam materials are separated:
  • Multiple Choice answer sheets (MCQ’s)
  • Answer booklets
  • Exam paper
  • Rough paper 
All materials are double counted and checked.
No question paper is taken from the room, regardless of the paper colour or the absence of a note on the paper indicating non-removal.
Exam supervisors are stationed at exit points to check that no examination materials are taken from the room. Under no circumstances are students permitted to remove unused answer booklets from the room. Rooms containing examination materials are kept locked whenever examinations are not in progress.
Course coordinators, or their nominee, are strongly encouraged to collect completed examination scripts from the exam venue on completion of the examination. Course coordinators, or their nominees, are required to provide staff ID, or a letter confirming their authorisation to collect the examination materials with photo ID. In the event that a letter of authorisation is provided, this letter is collected and returned to Examinations Section with the Chief Supervisors Report. No exam scripts will be released to any person without an appropriate form of ID.
The Collection of Examination Materials section of the Chief Supervisors Report must be completed in full, clearly indicating the number of MCQs, exam scripts or question papers that are being collected, as well as date and time of collection, and whether ID was sighted. (NB: In some cases, the course coordinator may wish to collect the exam question papers marked for destruction).
Papers not collected by the course coordinator or nominee at the conclusion of the exam are returned to Examinations Section (or collected from large venues as pre-arranged).  These papers are then delivered to schools within 48 hours of the conclusion of the exam. All deliveries are recorded on a pink delivery sheet, which is signed by the receiver of the exam materials at each school.  The pink delivery sheet is returned to Examinations Section and filed.
Under no circumstances are course coordinators permitted to collect the exam scripts from Examinations Section at St Lucia campus. At the Gatton campus, exam scripts not collected on conclusion of the exam may be collected from the Student Centre.