The University is committed to providing a safe, fair and harmonious study and work environment. The Student Grievance Resolution policy provides a framework to facilitate the resolution of grievances in a fair and impartial manner. The underlying principle of the policy is to have the matter handled informally where possible and to address grievances as close as possible to the source of the issue. However, as this is not always possible the University has established the Student Grievance Resolution policy (PPL 3.60.02) with a set of procedures and guidelines for managing and resolving grievances.

The policy regulates the processes and overarching principles for managing student grievances and  is supported by the following documents:

The Student Grievance Resolution Procedures provide a general framework for how students and staff should handle and respond to student grievances.

Key features include:

  • Who you should lodge your grievance to.
  • The support services available to students.
  • Some suggested strategies for handling and resolving grievances informally.
  • The procedure for lodging a formal grievance, including who the relevant decision-maker is.
  • An overview of procedures for staff involved in the handling of student grievances.

The Student Grievance Resolution Guidelines provide detailed information to support students and staff.

Key features include:

  • What steps students should take when lodging a complaint.
  • What steps students should take when lodging an appeal.
  • Roles and responsibilities of staff involved in the grievance resolution process.

Assistance for students

Please contact us if you require any policy or procedural advice and while we cannot provide advice on how to present a case, we can ensure that you are put in touch with people who can.

We encourage you to review the resources available on myAdvisor which is a good source of information.