Central Examinations

Students must present a current UQ student ID card when attending examinations.   On entry into the exam room, the student ID card must be sighted by an exam supervisor. If a student does not present a current UQ student ID card (or appropriate certified documentation from the Student Centre) they will be refused entry into the examination room. Students will be directed to the Student Centre to obtain documentation certifying their identification in order to enter the exam room.   [The Student Centre opening hours are extended during end-of-semester examination periods in June and November].

Upon return to the exam room, students must present their documentation, stamped and signed by the Student Centre, to an exam supervisor in order to gain entry into the room.  The certified document will generally take the form of a printout of the student’s image. If the documentation is a photocopy of a drivers licence or passport, the student should be asked to show the original document.  The documentation is only valid for the current exam and will be retained by the Chief Supervisor and returned to the Examinations Section   

Extra exam time will not be given in cases where students do not have a current UQ student ID card readily available. Please note that students must enter an exam room within the first 60 minutes of the exam.

School Examinations

The procedures listed above should be followed for all school examinations.  If the school examination will be held outside Student Centre opening hours, other identification should be provided [i.e. drivers licence or passport].  The student should then present a valid ID card to the School as soon as possible following the exam.  If a student is unable to produce any form of photo identification, they should not be permitted to sit the examination.

If a student's ID card has expired, they should be given a notice to update their card immediately.