The University of Queensland has a strong commitment to student integrity as a core value and requires students to conduct themselves in a reasonable and proper manner at all times, both on and off campus.  The University’s policy on Student Integrity and Misconduct provides a fair and consistent framework for dealing with allegations of student misconduct.

The Student Integrity and Misconduct Policy (PPL 3.60.04) is available for viewing here.
The policy is part of the process by which the University encourages students to behave in a way that –
    • allows reasonable freedom to others to pursue their studies, research, duties and other lawful activities in the University and on its sites, and to participate in the life of the University;
    • recognises that the pursuit of academic excellence is a key aim of the University; and
    • promotes the proper use of University facilities and information and the property of other persons on its sites.
You will find useful information about academic integrity and plagiarism, including the online Academic Integrity Tutorial on myAdvisor
Student Complaints and Grievance Resolution also provide student conduct reports for UQ students.
A set of Frequently Asked Questions for students has been developed or you can contact Student Complaints and Grievance Resolution at