Following a tender process, Databee Exams Manager System (EMS) was chosen to replace the existing exams management software at UQ.  EMS will streamline exam management processes, including exam timetabling.  The new system features personalised exam timetables for students, electronic exam paper submission, web-based forms and automated processes.

EMS was implemented in March 2012. 


Click here (link to .pdf) to read the memorandum sent from Professor Deborah Terry to Executive Deans, Associate Deans (Academic), Faculty Executive Officers and Heads of Schools on 14 December 2011.


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Information Sessions for School staff

Information sessions were held across the St Lucia, Ipswich, Gatton and Herston campuses to instruct staff in the new processes involved with requesting end of semester exams and electronically submitting exam papers. Some staff may have bee...

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