This webpage provides links to UQ online content previously published in the hard copy UQ Yearbook. This central point of reference has been developed as an administrative tool for ease of access for those seeking specific information.

The University of Queensland

Information about the history of the University, the University Seal, student and staff numbers, facilities, programs, research, organisational structure, academic structure, revenue and expenditure, subsidiaries, information & contact points, and Strategic Plans.

University of Queensland Act

Statutes of the University of Queensland

University Rules

Information about Interpretation Rules, Admission Rules, Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules, Fee Rules, and General Award Rules.

Senate Rules

Information about the Senate Rules, including Financial Awards, Prizes, University Medal and Endowed Lectureship rules.

Academic Dress

Information about academic dress to be worn at special University ceremonies.

Honours and Awards

Benefactions received by the University

Officers, Staff and Committees of the University

Senior University Staff

Information about senior University staff in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and in the Faculties and Schools.

Institutes and Centres